LELLO//ARNELL: Chief Executive Meditation Piece (After Desmond Morris)
LELLO//ARNELL: <em>Chief Executive Meditation Piece (After Desmond Morris)</em>
Chief Executive Meditation Piece (After Desmond Morris)
Digital print on aluminium
190cm x 124cm

A photo-collage emanating from the British zoologist and artist Desmond Morris' painting "The Expectant Valley", which was used as a cover for the first edition of Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene

The point of departure for this work is the application of that book by Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling, in which he misunderstood the message of the book (one could speculate that he had only read the actual cover).

Inspired by one of his favorite books, The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins — which, contra the author's intent, he understood to suggest that humanity survives by genetically passing on greedy and competitive traits - Skilling established a committee at Enron that graded employees and annually fired the bottom fifteen percent, who were deemed unsuitable for the company's objectives. .

The >Chief Executive Meditation Piece is thus made to function as a source of inspiration for the development of sound and effective practices of business.